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Simon’s Blog: Two things you can do for them

When I close my eyes at night all I see is moths…honestly!   I’ve become totally immersed with this part of the Lepidoptera clan recently after late nights and early mornings inspecting my light trap. It’s unbelievable how moths are regularly described

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Simon’s Blog: Are you suitably impressed?

“I saw it on the nest” she said, my response wearing a knowing smile came “and were you suitably impressed?” and she was and how could anyone fail to be! Seeing Turtle Doves is special but seeing one on a

Our Fair to Nature video is here!

A little while ago we mentioned that we were filming a short video about Fair to Nature, and here it is! In the video, ecologist and wildlife presenter, Mike Dilger, explains what Fair to Nature is all about, with the

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Guest blog from Steve’s Leaves: Dedicated to Nature

The salad season is upon us and the warm days have arrived making us all want to reach for the salad bowl for a tasty lunch or dinner.  At Steve’s Leaves we not only pride ourselves in offering our customers a