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Barn Owls take off – ‘Green’ farms aid comeback

The Daily Telegraph, 13 January 2012
Louise Gray, The Telegraph Environment Correspondent, reports on how numbers of the beautiful Barn Owl are increasing thanks to schemes such as Conservation Grade that are putting the habitats back.
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Farmers improve habitat for endangered Barn Owl

BBC Breakfast, 13 January 2012
BBC reporter, Louise Hubble, finds out more about the CG Barn Owl Project from a CG farm in Norfolk.

Conservation Grade oats provide dual benefits

Farmers Guardian, 11 January 2012
Suffolk farmer, Stephen Honeywood, talks to FG’s Dominic Kilburn about Conservation Grade farming and how it fits with his farming business.

Wildlife friendly farms fly to the aid of Barn Owls

The Daily Telegraph, 27 June 2011
Introducing the CG Barn Owl Project, which aims to highlight the difference that Conservation Grade farming can make to the biodiversity on farms.

Miller backs ‘sustainable intensification’ agenda

Farm Business, 3 June 2011
Allied Mills, one of the largest millers in the UK and the latest licensee to sign up to the Conservation Grade growing protocol, has thrown its weight behind the government’s ‘sustainable intensification’ agenda by becoming a supporter of the unique farming system that boosts farmland biodiversity without compromising yields.

Allied Bakeries launches wildlife conservation promotion

British Baker Magazine, 02 February 2011
Allied Bakeries annouces partnership with Conservation Grade.

Pensthorpe: Paradise for harvest mice

Ed Bramham-Jones, warden at Pensthorpe Nature Reserve, writes about how following the Conservation Grade nature-friendly farming principles is helping the survival of the tiny harvest mouse

Down on the farm

First News, June 2010

Reversing the trend of modern farming to save wildlife

BBC London reporter, Sarah Harris, visited a Surrey farmer to find out how the Conservation Grade way of farming is reversing the decline in farmland wildlife

Ingham’s World

Daily Express, 02 April 2010

Conservation Grade – Nature Friendly Farming

Environmental Scientist, April 2010

Companies that get a buzz out of caring and sharing

The Times, 30 July 2009

More to being green than CSR brochures

The Grocer, 27 June 2009

Biodiversity by design rather than accident

The Ecologist, 1 December 2009

Biodiversity is life. Biodiversity is our life

Celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity 2010