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What’s in my patch?

It’s the time of year when some of our Fair to Nature farmers are sowing their wildflower mixes. The best sowing time is mid August to mid September but this clashes with the busy harvest of cereal crops so there

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Feeding garden birds

Supplementary feeding of the birds in your garden helps them to survive periods of natural food shortage and severe winter weather, and gives them a better chance of being in peak condition for breeding. It is also a very pleasurable

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Rare Pallid Harrier on Fair to Nature Farm

Birds are without doubt among the most fascinating and exciting groups of inhabitants in our world. One of the many reasons is because they transverse our planet through migrations, moving on mass or individually and yet sometimes, rarely, it can

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Fair to Nature Brands – RSPB bird food

The RSPB is the UK’s biggest nature conservation charity. They focus on conserving the UK’s wildlife and restoring and protecting its natural habitats, through active conservation work, scientific research, education and advise. But their work isn’t just limited to the

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Don’t try this at home! More Team Peanut adventures

A guest blog from #teampeanut’s Niki Williamson… The panicky shouting told me that the villagers closest to the bushfire had spotted the sudden change in wind direction at the same moment as me. The stick insects and crickets that were

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Simon’s Blog: To the moon and back

Waking not so bright but particularly early and continuing to pick shards of glass out of my clothes and empty sand out of my optical equipment (and everything else, I’ll spare the details!) I was keen to see the nearby

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Simon’s Blog: It’s a road trip! It’s about adventure! . . .

I don’t know how many hours I had been waiting but it seemed like an eternity, although the coffee with condensed milk and half a ton of sugar had perked me up no end! Niki had just largely downed her

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Have a go at our Facebook competition!

We have teamed up with our licensee Chapelwood, producers of ‘Conservation Blend’ bird seed with ingredients grown in ways that are fair to nature so feeding birds in your garden is helping not only birds but bees, bugs and butterflies in

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