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Another winning Fair to Nature farmer!

We think all our Fair to Nature farmers are winners for the amazing work they do for wildlife on their farms so it’s great when they are recognised for their achievements. The latest winner is one of our pilot farmers.

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A boost for Fair to Nature farming

The RSPB has announced the beginning of a new three year partnership with Conservation Grade, which will allow the two organisations to work together on behalf of wildlife. Conservation Grade is the accreditation body behind the Fair to Nature scheme.

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Turtle Doves on The One Show

Last night’s episode of The One Show (22.11.2016) on BBC One featured some wonderful footage of Turtle doves both here in the UK and in their African wintering grounds, as John Mallord from the RSPB’s Science team talked to Richard

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Plants are important too!

How often do you consider plants when you think about nature conservation? Endearing little mammals like hedgehogs or dormice, or perhaps the hairy bumblebee are probably the first things that spring to mind, but with the intensification of farming, many

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New Fair to Nature Farmer of the Year Award

We know we are very fortunate to have a fantastic bunch of hard-working, like-minded farmers within the Conservation Grade membership. They all go the extra mile for the benefit of wildlife and the environment on their farms and we want

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Fair To Nature Conservation Calendar

Introducing our new #FairToNature Conservation Calendar! We hope this inspires you to find out more about the amazing nature right on your doorstep and surrounding areas. Packed with hints, tips and things to look out for each month, there’s also

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Why you, the British public, need to put pressure on the food industry to be ‘Fair to Nature’ and help avert a “Twelve Days of Christmas” crisis

Britain is dangerously close to losing many of its critical wildlife species. What I have to say is important. It’s not simply of consequence to animal lovers and countryside activists – it will have an impact on each and every

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A boost for biodiversity farming

The Conservation Grade farming scheme is featured in the Summer 2013 edition of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust member magazine ‘Tern’. Conservation Grade’s Tim Nevard outlines the numerous biodiversity benefits of the scheme. You can read the full article here and you

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Encouraging a wildflower habitat at the CG office

This week we have sown a wildflower seed mix in a wide strip adjacent to the driveway to the Conservation Grade office. The seed was dribbled on to a fine, weed free seedbed and all it needs now is some

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