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What’s in my patch? – Red Campion

Red Campion (Silene dioica) is also known as Red Catchfly in the USA. It is a member of the Pink family (Caryophyllaceae). This pretty perennial plant has deep pink flowers with notched petals on a hairy stem up to 1m

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Wildlife candid camera!

We’ve just rediscovered some great pictures from a motion camera that we were loaned in 2013! We were loaned the camera by Perdix Wildlife Supplies, to monitor a supplementary feeding trial that we were carrying out as part of Operation

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Managing hedgerows

It’s the time of year when farmers’ thoughts turn to the management of their hedgerows. The winter crops have been drilled and there’s a bit of a lull in the arable farmer’s schedule before the spring field work begins. What

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State of Nature Report – Fair to Nature provides solution

Today’s publication of the latest State of Nature Report shows that, although there are a few good news stories to celebrate, the overall picture is not a good one. 56% of UK species are in decline and of the 8,000 UK

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Spotlight on Morrell’s

Morrell’s is our newest Fair to Nature licensee, producing high-welfare beef on the Yorkshire Wolds. The wildlife on the farm is very important to farmer, Richard Morrell. The following post originally appeared on the Morrell’s website and has been reproduced

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Save 20 percent …of Nature!

Research conducted by the University of Reading (and partly funded by Conservation Grade) published today in the Journal of Applied Ecology found that Fair to Nature farms support 20 percent more plant and butterfly species than conventionally managed farms. However organic farms

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New Fair to Nature Farmer of the Year Award

We know we are very fortunate to have a fantastic bunch of hard-working, like-minded farmers within the Conservation Grade membership. They all go the extra mile for the benefit of wildlife and the environment on their farms and we want

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Why you, the British public, need to put pressure on the food industry to be ‘Fair to Nature’ and help avert a “Twelve Days of Christmas” crisis

Britain is dangerously close to losing many of its critical wildlife species. What I have to say is important. It’s not simply of consequence to animal lovers and countryside activists – it will have an impact on each and every

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Encouraging a wildflower habitat at the CG office

This week we have sown a wildflower seed mix in a wide strip adjacent to the driveway to the Conservation Grade office. The seed was dribbled on to a fine, weed free seedbed and all it needs now is some

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