Sowing wildflower strip around fieldThis week we have sown a wildflower seed mix in a wide strip adjacent to the driveway to the Conservation Grade office. The seed was dribbled on to a fine, weed free seedbed and all it needs now is some rain to get it going. The seed came from Kings Crops and includes three of their mixes – K55 Legacy Wildflower Mix, which includes species such as corn marigold, birdsfoot trefoil; black knapweed, yarrow and yellow rattle; KBG1 Basic Stewardship Grass Mix, which includes cocksfoot, timothy and fescues, among others; and KWM2gf Grass Free Pollen and Nectar mix, which includes species such as alsike clover, common vetch, phacelia, red campion. We are looking forward to recording the progress of the strip in photographs throughout the year. Thanks to Nigel Dolby and his 2m┬ádrill, and to Richard Barnes at Kings Crops for their help.

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