Since 2011 we have been monitoring the fledging rate of barn owls on Conservation Grade farms as part of our Barn Owl Project ( A year ago the CG office moved to a more rural location and we have been eyeing up a large birch tree close to the office as a site for a barn owl box.

At at the end of January our new nest box was installed. The installation work was carried out by Jason Fathers from Wildlife Windows. The box has a camera in it, allowing us to view the goings on inside the box without disturbing the inhabitants. We are keeping our fingers crossed that a pair of barn owls will decide to raise a brood in our box. There is a lot of suitable hunting ground for them close by.

This week a couple of kestrels have been investigating the area so perhaps they will take up residence. We’ll let you know and will stream pictures from the camera on the Conservation Grade website.

 CG Barn Owl box and rainbow - Jan 2014

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