When I close my eyes at night all I see is moths…honestly!   I’ve become totally immersed with this part of the Lepidoptera clan recently after late nights and early mornings inspecting my light trap.

It’s unbelievable how moths are regularly described as less colourful and not as beautiful as butterflies and fly about at night!… ..Wrong on both counts, there are plenty of day flying moths and I’ll let you judge for yourself how completely awesome moths are from these photos I took just a few nights ago in my small garden:







I have been also equally enveloped during my lunchtime break with the other perhaps more appreciated part of this duo, the butterflies.

Here at the office we have put in a strip of nectar rich plants for insects including butterflies that’s absolutely choc-full of them right now together with bumblebees, hoverflies, soldier beetles and grasshoppers. All this insect bio-mass is attracting some predators too and we’ve watched with delight as two pairs of Yellow Wagtails and their young have been feeding on this larder.

All is not well however as these are worrying times for our butterflies with three-quarters of British butterflies in decline and many moths also facing an uncertain future.

Creating the right types of habitats on Fair to Nature farms makes a difference for our butterflies and moths, whether it’s Chalkhill Blues, Green Hairstreaks or Silver-washed Fritillaries or perhaps commoner but no less important species such Small Tortoiseshell or Gatekeeper. If you are buying Fair to Nature produce you are making a difference for these fluttering sprites. In fact judge for yourself to what our farms in the Fair to Nature Farmer of the Year award  do to ensure butterflies and moths have food plants and nectar sources across their farms.

We have proudly entered our results from a 15 minute lunchtime walk to the Big Butterfly Count organised by our friends at Butterfly Conservation , simply spend 15 minutes counting butterflies…bliss! Perhaps one lunchtime? get your free identification chart here and don’t forget to submit your results by 10th August here.

……..That’s two things you can do for them.



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