We’ve just rediscovered some great pictures from a motion camera that we were loaned in 2013! We were loaned the camera by Perdix Wildlife Supplies, to monitor a supplementary feeding trial that we were carrying out as part of Operation Turtle Dove. We had devised a feeding cage that would allow turtle doves in but exclude any predators. We decided to practice positioning the camera by strapping it to a tree outside our office window. The camera was set up to capture footage from around our bird feeders. We found that the feeders attracted more than birds…

Badger captured by motion camera at Gransden 12.06.12 2359

A badger rushes by

rabbit - camera

A rabbit in the evening sunset

Greylag goslings and their parents - camera

A greylag gosling tries out it’s wings

Fox at Gransden 2 camera

A fox checks out the bird feeder

pheasant 4

A pheasant

Brown hare and crow - camera

Brown hare, pheasant and crow

We have seen evidence of muntjac deer around the feeders but didn’t capture any footage of them unfortunately. But it was exciting to view the overnight activity each day! As for the turtle dove feeding trial, 2013 was a bad year to do the trial. The Fair to Nature farm that were we were trialing the feeder had nesting turtle doves most years but there was no sign of them in 2013! 

Thanks again to Perdix Wildlife Supplies for the loan of the cameras. Perdix Wildlife Supplies logo - camera

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