Lordington Lavender logo Andrew and Rosie Elms and their family produce a range of luxury goods, including essential oils and soaps, from the lavender grown on their own farm in Sussex.  The essential oil is produced from the French Provençal variety Mailette, famed for its high quality oil, using only steam in the extraction process.

The lavender in Lordington Lavender products is grown to Fair to Nature standards and the farm has some showcase wildflower areas. The lavender itself is buzzing with pollinators during the flowering season. Andrew Elms was highly commended in the Fair to Nature Farmer of the Year Award 2014 for his dedication to conservation on his farm. Members of the public can enjoy the beauty of the lavender and the wildflower areas at one of the open days that Andrew and Rosie hold each summer. Have a look at the the Lordington Lavender website for more details.

You can purchase Lordington Lavender products online at www.lordingtonlavender.co.uk/shop/

Wildflowers and Lavender crop - Gilly Perrin - July 2012