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The RSPB is the UK’s biggest nature conservation charity. They focus on conserving the UK’s wildlife and restoring and protecting its natural habitats, through active conservation work, scientific research, education and advise. But their work isn’t just limited to the UK. The Birds Without Borders projects aim to find ways to help our declining migrant birds. This all makes Fair to Nature farming a good fit.

No_Mess_Sunflower_Mix_1.8kg RSPB web RSPB bird food RSPB table mix - RSPB bird foodWhy is RSPB bird food Fair to Nature?

Since January 2015 the majority of the seeds and grains in RSPB bird food have been sourced from Fair to Nature farms, farms that create and manage areas specifically for wildlife alongside their usual cropping activities.

RSPB Product Manager, Matthew Morris, says that by buying RSPB bird food you’re helping wildlife in three ways: “You’re helping the birds in your garden survive the winter here in the UK, you’re helping our migrant birds, like the Turtle Dove, in Europe and West Africa, and you’re supporting other RSPB projects as well, because the profits from your RSPB bird food go straight to funding more conservation work.”

Where can I buy RSPB bird food?

The RSPB’s range of bird food can be purchased through the shops at the RSPB nature reservesvia their online shop, or by phoning 0345 034 7733. RSPB bird food is also available at many garden centres and supermarkets.

You can read more about the RSPB bird food becoming Fair to Nature accredited in the Spring 2015 issue of Nature’s Home.

Watch RSPB bird food in action. How many different species of bird can you spot feeding via the RSPB feeder cam

Chaffinch on feeder - S Tonkin RSPB bird food