Farmer Member Requirements

Farmer members of the Fair to Nature scheme follow the Fair to Nature Standard. The Fair to Nature Standard goes further than any other food production scheme in the protection of farmland biodiversity. This is achieved through specific wildlife habitat creation and management, and is the only scheme backed by scientific proof from trials data.

To meet the requirements of the Fair to Nature Standard, farmers need to satisfy the following essential criteria:

  • Drawing up a Fair to Nature Farm Plan
  • Commit at least 10% of the farmed area to a range of managed wildlife habitats
  • Comply with all the sections of the Fair to Nature Standard
  • Allow for a biennial habitat assessment and advice visit from an approved Fair to Nature adviser
  • Participating in the training programmes provided by Fair to Nature

Full members supplying Fair to Nature produce/products are also required to pass a biennial verification of compliance with the Fair to Nature Standard by an approved external verifier.

These requirements are set out in more detail within the Fair to Nature Standard and the Fair to Nature Farm Manual.

An example of annually cultivated natural regeneration on a Fair to Nature farm. Image credit: Peter Thompson/GWCT