All farms participating in Fair to Nature are required to draw up a farm environment plan (FEP) containing various environmental statements, farm policies & procedures.
These records must be drawn up according to Fair to Nature guidelines (as detailed in the Protocol and also during the induction training course).
These records and plans form a key part of the annual compliance audit carried out by NSF Certification.

The key elements farmers are required to have recorded on file are summarised as follows:

  1. Farm details and summary
  2. A farm habitat summary sheet highlighting the total farm area, the Fair to Nature farmed area, and a list of the required Fair to Nature habitats and areas (sizes)
  3. A map ideally to scale 1:10,000 or larger annotating key environmental, ecological and heritage features of the farm, and the habitat locations
  4. The farm’s animal husbandry policy (where appropriate)
  5. The farm’s crop husbandry policy
  6. The farm’s pollution, waste and energy management policies
  7. The farm’s Soil Management Plan, Nutrient Management Plan, Manure Management Plan and Crop Protection Management Plan
  8. The farm’s Mycotoxin risk assessment
  9. Details of the food products being produced to Fair to Nature standards
  10. A short statement of the farmer’s vision for realising the full ecological potential of the farm