Verification of Compliance

Farms are assessed for compliance with the Fair to Nature standards and protocol in two separate parts:

1. The Fair to Nature farming audit

Habitat creation at Hope Farm - May 2018 (002)Annual farm audits are carried out on all farms by NSF Certification. NSF Certification also currently audit in excess of twenty schemes on UK farms covering most farm enterprises, including the Red Tractor Scheme with over 59,000 members. All in all, NSF Certification carries out over 30,000 audits on UK farms making it the largest auditing and certification body in the UK.

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2. Habitat Assessment

20% of Fair to Nature farmers are visited annually by independent trained assessors who assess habitat area compliance and individual habitat quality. Farmer members are required to complete a pre-habitat assessment form prior to the visit. The purpose of the habitat assessment is to ensure that Fair to Nature growers are delivering high quality habitats according to the Fair to Nature standards and to identify if any support is required for the farmer. Delivery of high quality habitats will ensure delivery of wildlife as shown in our research.