Being Fair to Nature is not a way of life that should be confined to our farmers! To really make a difference to the natural environment around us being Fair to Nature is something that everyone should fit into their daily lives.


If you’re a keen gardener take a look at our Fair to Nature Gardening pages where you can find out how to encourage more wild birds to your garden, grow wild flowers to encourage insects and even build your own insect hotel.

Feeding the wild birds in our gardens of even from our window box brings us that bit closer to nature and by choosing Fair to Nature certified bird food, far more birds than those that visit our gardens are being catered for in our countryside.

Why not visit Pensthorpe Natural Park near Fakenham, Norfolk where you can see a Fair to Nature farm at work; or wander through the gardens of Jordans Mill near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire and see the ethos of Fair to Nature farming come alive in a garden setting.

Jordans Mill garden and Mill Store
The garden at Jordans Mill, looking towards the Mill Store.

White-tailed bumblebee image by Deb Rylands/