The Barn Owl – a silent hunter

Fair to Nature Farm Conservation Adviser, Kevin Rylands, looks at how farmers and landowners can help the barn owl… Gliding silently across pastures at dusk, barn owls are one of the most iconic sights in our countryside. You never forget the first time you see one quartering a field hunting for small mammals, or perched […]

The benefits of Spring crops and Summer fallow

Fair to Nature farm conservation adviser, Kevin Rylands, sees the benefits to wildlife of Spring crops and Summer fallow… The recent spell of drier weather has been warmly welcomed, especially by arable farm (although some rain wouldn’t go amiss! With many unable to access their fields since September the acreage of winter cereals sown this […]

Rare Pallid Harrier on Fair to Nature Farm

Birds are without doubt among the most fascinating and exciting groups of inhabitants in our world. One of the many reasons is because they transverse our planet through migrations, moving on mass or individually and yet sometimes, rarely, it can go a little wrong, or actually is it by design? Birds have conquered every corner […]

Save 20 percent …of Nature!

Research conducted by the University of Reading (and partly funded by Conservation Grade) published today in the Journal of Applied Ecology found that Fair to Nature farms support 20 percent more plant and butterfly species than conventionally managed farms. However organic farms showed even more increased wildlife benefits, with the majority of the organic farms in the […]

Our Response for Nature

The Response for Nature report, produced by 26 nature organisations, including the RSPB, National Trust and Wildlife Trusts, was launched last Tuesday by broadcaster and naturalist Steve Backshall. It firmly outlines 10 key proposals on how the government, together with each and every one of us, can take action to halt and reverse the decline of the UK’s […]

Plants are important too!

How often do you consider plants when you think about nature conservation? Endearing little mammals like hedgehogs or dormice, or perhaps the hairy bumblebee are probably the first things that spring to mind, but with the intensification of farming, many plant species are now under threat. Some of these plants were once so numerous that […]

Simon’s Blog: Two things you can do for them

When I close my eyes at night all I see is moths…honestly!   I’ve become totally immersed with this part of the Lepidoptera clan recently after late nights and early mornings inspecting my light trap. It’s unbelievable how moths are regularly described as less colourful and not as beautiful as butterflies and fly about at night!… ..Wrong […]